Writing a Perfect Essay

Nothing gauges how well a student comprehends a concept than an essay. As such, essay writing forms a staple for almost every academic syllabus across the planet. Writing an excellent essay requires a strong mastery of the subject besides outstanding narration, presentation, and writing skills.  It becomes easy to master the subject yet fail to narrate or deliver it effectively in writing. After all, not everyone has gifting when it comes to writing. So how can you write a perfect essay?

Guidelines to Writing an Outstanding Essay

  • Plan in advance. It seems a time-consuming activity, but one that can save you precious writing time when you develop an excellent one. It will help you to determine the direction of your writing. Additionally, coming up with a clear mind map will help you progress your work even in moments where you feel stuck. Try and ensure that each mind map’s bubble represents one of the countless main paragraphs. So, start jotting down ideas in each bubble and keep adding to the plan. It will allow you to cross out bits and link diverse bubbles whenever you spot connections. While it might not become feasible in an exam situation, it could help if you did a brief sketch to ensure effective writing progress.
  • Develop a clear-cut structure. It becomes crucial to ponder on the structure while planning. Essays come as a speech or argument, and it needs a rational structure with every point converging to answer a particular question. Try and begin with the basics. Start by picking the few main points that will translate into the main paragraphs. Additionally, organize your main points to fit a pattern that agrees with a question or disagrees or proves complicated. It will make sure that you focus on the key argument you want to perpetuate without veering off-course.
  • Support your main points with factual and well-analyzed quotations. All scientific reports require you to back any claim with evidence, and the same has to go for essays in as much as it’s obligatory. It also becomes essential to pick the top quotations, therefore watch out for certain literary techniques. Such techniques include the tricolon, tautology, parallelism, chiasmus, polysyndeton, asyndenton, polyptoton, alliteration, and anaphora. However, it proves crucial to avoid getting bothered whenever you cannot locate each of these literary pieces in the write-up in focus. Further, you can discuss effects such as metaphor, onomatopoeia, simile, etc.
  • Become creative and maintain originality all the way. Almost everyone can use the guidelines provided, though what matters entails your uniqueness in approaching the subject. It becomes crucial to point out anything you find intriguing or uncommon in the reading. If you identify anything exciting, it becomes a reality that some examiners will find it thrilling too.

Essay writing and creative writing have a close association than expected. Therefore, try and remember that your work involves writing an argument or speech in mind, and you can grab your audience’s attention. Further, it becomes crucial to stipulate your argument in the introduction by introducing the key points and your writing direction. However, do not overlook the importance of holding on to something for your conclusion. It becomes essential because you will not want to repeat everything you expounded on in the introduction as much as you will be summarizing.

Try and view the conclusion as your speech’s climax. It has to represent whatever everything has led to compared to the dreary plenary at the tail-end of exciting things.


Essays form a crucial part in enhancing student education. Therefore, learning the best way to write one becomes essential. So take in the guidelines provided and use them to transform your essay piece.