Writing essays that are free from plagiarism is very easy. First, you will have to learn how to write. Plagiarism has very many definitions. It relates to academic dishonesty. And academic dishonesty has many forms. And one of the forms is plagiarism. In this article, we will tackle a topic concerning how to avoid writing essays that have the element of plagiarism. In a very simple way, plagiarism is the act of “stealing” another person’s ideas, words, concepts, discoveries and then own them like they are yours. It is ok to cite other people’s work: concepts, ideas, discoveries, and not owning them. Once you own another person’s work, that is now what we call plagiarism. The concept above applies to both oral and written work.

Why cite sources?

The major reason why a student must cite in his essay, book report, term paper, research paper is just basically just because of honesty and decency. If you are that student who doesn’t reference his work properly, your work will be a victim of plagiarism. And also, when you acknowledge the source of your essay, it is going to be helpful for you and your instructor.

It is the reason why it is important:

  1. When you reference your sources, your instructor will have the ability to go and carry out mini research to seek your source’s information. The reason for this is to determine if the reference is a credible source.
  2. Another reason for referencing your work is to let the professor know if your reference is very ok. It helps the instructor know if you are using the references correctly in your book report or research paper.
  3. When you reference your work, it helps the instructor determine if the work you have has a basis on other individuals’ thoughts or thoughts. It also determines if your idea is fresh.
  4. Many individuals may have the same idea, but when you reference the source of your work, book report, dissertation, term report, dissertation report, coursework, research proposal, you explain the arrival to your essay.

What you have to reference?

Even if it is hard to jot down all the cases, the following steps show the level at which you can apply your principles and not fall victim to plagiarism. To expand, a student may quote the law of Newton for gravity in his essay. But if the student presents the law as his theory in the paper, research proposal, essay paper, term paper, coursework, term report, you will call a victim of plagiarism.

You can present the opinions of the supreme court in your own words. But if you use the exact words in the source without citing the source, you will call a victim of plagiarism. Another case is when you copy another person’s work is also a typical case of plagiarism. Most students are a victim of that scenario. Keep in mind that submitting a term paper, research paper, essay paper, coursework, and research proposal from a writing company is also a case of plagiarism. But in this case, the university must have proof that your work is from a writing company and that you are paying for it. And also that you are finishing your work from an online writing company. It isn’t easy to prove unless the company you are getting your work from sends your dean a copy of your work to show that you did not have the work.

  • Step one of writing an essay free of plagiarism.

Learners can develop many reasons for them not to do any work or even write their research paper, research proposal. Now, students find it very difficult to get what to write about, so they feel frustrated, too judgmental, and have low esteem for their work. When you want to learn to write a plagiarism-free essay, a student must deal with her previous problems. Most writers need to learn to be free.

  • The second step is concentration.

As soon as you have your draft down, rewriting will help a student polish and make their work look nice by shaping and organizing your work very well and will reach the extent of cresting your ideas from other people’s work and concepts.


When you discover that your paper is missing something, it is advisable to do further research and fill in the missing places. Put more emphasis on citing your sources correctly.

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