As a student, as you pursue your course in a university or college, you must be sure of one thing. Essays will always be part of the academic requirements. Some students understand the whole idea of crafting such essays, but some have issues putting ideas together to create an excellent academic paper.  Sometimes, the problem is not always about grammar or other common mistakes. It is selecting an unrelated topic. The topic is the one to guide you on how you will research and craft your essay. In some instances, the teacher will give you the topic. In this case, you don’t have an option other than working on the subject as you follow the professor’s guidelines.

In case you have the option of picking a topic, you must think well before settling on one. There are some questions you must ask yourself before you select the concept to write on. Is this what the teacher what from you? Evaluate the purpose of the essay and understand the type of the paper. From there, you can go ahead and start working on the topics. Read on to unleash the best tips you can use before you settle on your preferred topic.

  • Think of your passion in college

While in college, you envy several things and wish you could join and achieve your dreams. You can have interests in exercising, sports activities, art clubs, journalism, or something else that fascinates you. Once you understand your hobbies, think of a topic that revolves around such interests.

  • Think of the new things you have learned in the past years

Sometimes, writing an essay on something you experienced or learned can be excellent. You have all the ideas and concepts in your mind of a particular experience. Figure out a topic that fits in such occasions and come up with a beautiful essay.

  • Think of the moments you were happy

Sometimes, there are moments we get carried away with the happenings in our surroundings. We end up having the best moments of our lives. List down five events when you were in such moods. Maybe you went hiking with friends, perhaps you attended an educational seminar, or it can be a social event like a wedding or a baby shower. Whatever made you happy, list down the moments and the reasons for your happiness.

  • Think of how your friends describe you

Friends and family members understand the best parts of our lives. They know our characteristics more than we know ourselves. Once you can define your personality, it is easy to identify the types of topics you can write about.

At this point, you have several ideas you have listed down concerning your interests, best moments, personality, and other ideas. Out of the listed ideas, try to review each one by one as you eliminate the less relevant ones.

Narrow down your list until you have around five topics. Out of the remaining topics, start eliminating one after the other again. Pick one topic, analyze it and imagine if you will get enough content to accomplish the objective of writing the essay. Ask yourself, can this topic give me a reliable thesis? Will I get enough resources to gather facts and pieces of evidence? Will I engage the targeted audience with the issue? Review all the topics until you have one remaining.

At this point, you have successfully selected your preferred topic. Now, reread the topic as edit it. Do the phrases make sense? Do you understand all the words used in the title? Is the topic clear enough?

When revising the topic, use the dictionary to define phrases you don’t understand. Again, if the subject matter lacks clarity, delete some words and include only relevant phrases. The final topic should be simple and straight to the point. You can try to create a thesis statement out of the topic to ease the other sections when working on the entire paper.

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